Hamilton County Kids Coats now has 6 partner churches along with our founder Carmel United Methodist Church. On the first two Saturdays in November, we give out the winter coats and winterwear in Carmel, Fishers, Sheridan, Arcadia, Noblesville, and Westfield starting in 2018! Merciful HELP Center as well as the continued support of the Good Samaritan Network.  Together, we work year round to better meet the winter wear needs of families in our county.  In July and August we attend Back-to-School events around the county to give out the lightweight jackets that we receive in donations.


Three women from Carmel United Methodist Church (CUMC) started Hamilton County Kids Coats in 2004. That year, all the volunteers and coat donations were from church members and the entire event was funded by the CUMC United Methodist Women and the Good Samaritan Network. With coat racks borrowed from the Salvation Army, we served just over 400 people. We have grown every year since then! In 2016, gave out new and gently-used coats and winter wear to 1,802 children and their families and 1,553 lightweight jackets to kids heading back-to-school. We are now a year-round coat ministry with partners all over the county. 


You can make a positive, life-affirming difference in the lives of others by reaching out to lend a helping hand!  Find out how EASY it is to COLLECT DONATIONS of  hats, gloves, mittens, boots, scarves, snow pants, and coats for the 2017 Kids Coats event.  We collect donations all over Hamilton County at schools, churches, libraries, and businesses.  Last year, our community collected 9,930 coats and lightweight jackets and every one was given to a child or parent who needed it.   Let's do it again this year!

You can also make a difference in helping communicate Coat Appointment Signups to families in your community. You can PRINT FLYERS and hand them out in your community in the Fall by putting up flyers in: apartment laundry rooms, employee announcement boards at restaurants. Or you can link our website or FB page to online community websites.

This year, more than 500 families made appointments and over 1500 people got coats on November 4 & 11. But we don't stop in November! We continue to help families stay warm through the end of winter. BE A VOLUNTEER at our outreach at the Merciful HELP Center from now until February 13, 2018 or help us sort donations on Mondays starting January 8, 2018. We can use your help! 

For more information or to talk with a real person, call or email us at info@kidscoats.org 317-324-8818

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How do I get a coat for my child?
2017 November Giveaways are over, but it is never too late to get a coat if you do not have one! Call us at 317-324-8818 or look at Where To Get A Coat in Hamilton County After November

Please bring your family to your appointment so that each person can pick out his or her coat.  
You and your child/children will be able to find the right winter coats, hats, and gloves, and boots when you have the opportunity to try them on to make sure they fit and look good! This includes the Post-November opportunities at the Merciful HELP Center

I cannot make it to any of the November Giveaways.  Can my child still get a coat?
YES!  If you cannot make it to any of the shopping events, you may come to the Merciful HELP Center

Can I get a coat too?
Yes. All people who come to the event are able to pick out a coat.

What if I don't live in Hamilton County, IN?
Click to check out other resources

How do I donate coats?
Our website has an a lot of materials for those who are interested in collecting coats for us. Click here to find out more. We do not exist without your generous donations!  Please keep them coming! If you have any questions, please do nothesitate to email info@kidscoats.org or call 317-324-8818.

Where do I donate coats?
Donations are collected YEAR ROUND at Carmel United Methodist Church, the Good Samaritan Network, and the Merciful HELP Center or at the following churches from September-October:

Sponsor Churches:
Carmel United Methodist Church
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Merciful HELP Center
St. Mark’s UMC
Arcadia Brethren Church
Green Valley Church of Christ
St. Louis de Montfort Catholic Church
Crosspoint Church
Sheridan United Methodist Church
Epiphany Lutheran Church

Supporting Churches:
Grace Church
Hazel Dell Christian Church
Radiant Christian Life Church
Hamilton Hills Baptist Church
Noblesville First UMC
Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church
First Christian Church of Noblesville
Arcadia Trinity UMC
Cicero UMC
Clarksville Christian Church
Atlanta Christian Church
Aroma United Methodist Church

If you have questions or can’t drop off donations, please contact info@kidscoats.org or call 317-324-8818.